Featured below are Blackrock Industries' most recent casino completions. At Blackrock Industries we take pride in our work and in our customers. Click the links below to take a deeper look into our projects with Lucky Eagle Casino, Clear Water Casino, and a peek into what's to come.

Lucky Eagle 

Lucky Eagle Casino has been our most involved casino project to date. We've worked with them to create their Craft House sports bar, Fire Kitchen Buffet, Yuzu Asian venue, Gift Shop, and VIP Lounge. 


Blackrock Industries has helped Clearwater create their Beachrock music and sports lounge, Deli, and produce signage, custom wallpaper, and casework throughout the venue. 

Coming Soon...

Casinos are a huge part of Blackrock Industries. They are a great source of family entertainment and a boost to local economies. We are proud of our contribution to both, and look forward to sharing new projects with you!