Over the winter of 2015, we were given the unique opportunity to design and install a one-of-a-kind experience for the Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel. 

Located in Rochester, WA, the staff at Lucky Eagle tasked us with creating a sports bar that looked like it was carved out of a converted underground garage.

We worked closely with the client and architects to visually link every element in the signature Blackrock style. But we did not want to stop there. Merging rustic with the high tech, we implemented color-changing lighting systems to accent the space in a bold, steampunk-inspired feel.

Nearly everything you see between these walls was planned, hand-crafted, hand-stained, and installed by the talented individuals at Blackrock Industries. 

The Craft House is currently open for business. If you have a chance to stop in, enjoy the atmosphere, and let us know how your experience was!