Clearwater Casino resort
(Food Court)


Dining Area View 2 - Final .jpg


ClearWater Casino, located in Suquamish, WA is one of BlackRock Industries biggest projects to date! The massive space was first rendered in perfect clarity for the Casino to see what our team envisioned. Once the vision was perfected, fabrication commenced!


Once the team was on-site, it was all-hands-on-deck! It was a long process and a massive job, but BlackRock persevered as we are known to do. No one gave up and after a few long nights, the space was complete and looking great!


tried and true

Once complete, BlackRock always ensures everyone is happy with the outcome! We are meticulous in the work we do, but nothing is perfect. We spent some time tying loose ends and polishing surfaces until the space was truly a grand dining space for customers and staff to enjoy a meal before getting back to the abundant entertainment available at ClearWater Casino!