All of our hop jack's locations:

Washington Locations:





Smokey Point




Gig Harbor (Coming Soon!)

Oregon Location(s):

Happy Valley


Hop Jack's is a growing restaurant in the Pacific Northwest known for their great food and atmosphere.

One of Hop Jack's known interior design piece is the grass railing along the bar. Each blade of grass is hand cut and manipulated to make each piece unique from the rest.


Another custom crafted piece to Hop Jack's is the Hostess Stands. We work closely with our client to ensure each one is designed with the Hop Jack's look and functionality needed for their staff. 

We also designed bathroom doors and added a faux finish to give texture of wood after painted and added hand made door handles.

Name branding is most important to a business. Our whole team works diligently on crafting a custom sign.

All Hop Jack's are open for business. Their Gig Harbor Location is coming soon! Go to you local location and enjoy some Hop Jack's today!