Joint Rivers



One of the most unique pieces when you first walk into Joint Rivers is the Chandelier. All of our Shops worked closely with the client to achieve a beautiful chandelier that incorporates all elements of the Blackrock style: Wood, Metal, Finish, and Lighting. 


Another eye capturing piece at Joint Rivers is the Leaf Door. Fabricated out of metal pieces, the Leaf Door was custom designed from a mere image of creativity and brought to life thanks to Blackrock! Each leaf is custom designed and cut. Our skilled welders and design team then ensured to piece together the metal and leaves in harmony



The last beauty of Joint Rivers is the custom casework. We worked closely with the client and pieced together the cases with stained wood, metal, light, and glass. The end product was designed and placed for the end product to be beautifully placed. 

See it for yourself and check out Joint Rivers! Full of goodies, and an experience unlike anything else.