VIP Lounge


During 2016, we were also given the opportunity to design and install in the VIP Lounge. Lucky Eagles most respected players can join the VIP Players Club and take a step back and relax in our modern, comfortable lounge. 

Located in Rochester, WA, we put together the VIP Lounge to accommodate those in the Players Club at Lucky Eagle Casino. This venue features a modern yes cozy design, and included TV's, massage sofas, and custom floors and wallpaper.

We worked closely with the client and architects to visually link every element in the signature Blackrock style, as well as produce something that met everyone's needs and requested accommodations.

Nearly everything you see between these walls was planned, hand-crafted, hand-stained, and installed by the talented individuals at Blackrock Industries. If you're a players club member, enjoy the atmosphere, and let us know how your experience was!