Employee Dining Room



In 2017, we were approached with an opportunity to work on a uniquely designed employee dining room for Muckleshoot Casino.

For one of the main design pieces, we worked closely with our client to come up with a custom made wallpaper to show a little history of their tribal heritage.

As we continued to work with the client, we came up with a unique seating arrangement  to break up the standard table/chair layout This bar style seating showcases an animated lighting set up for additional atmosphere.

The base wall is wrapped in real stone for an iconic look. Employees can relax and eat side by side in this cozy area.



Almost everything you will see around you in this Dining Room was planned thoroughly, custom made, hand-painted, and installed by our talented crew at Blackrock Industries.

The Employee Dining Room is now open for Employees to enjoy and dine during their shift. It's a warm, comfortable environment full of good food and great atmosphere!