Street Truck


One of the biggest challenges in bringing an actual road-going truck through the halls of Muckleshoot Casino, other than sheer logistics, were the hazardous materials involved with such a vehicle. Oil, gas, brake fluid, road debris, etc., do not a fine dining experience make. The goal was authentic street feel, with the convenience and comfort of an indoor dining venue.



The original goal was a 1970’s retro hot rod look, with a touch of traditional tribal flare. Blackrock infused the design with authentic petroglyphs provided by the Pacific Northwest Salish peoples. To keep in line with that authenticity, we implemented everything from real working lights, premium wheels and tires, all the way down to an actual mirror and license plate frame!



Our fabrication team worked together to construct an aluminum base frame and paneling for the shell. We’ve lost count of the amount of rivets involved. Once complete, the structure was primered and base-coated, and transported on-location, where the final touches were bolted, wrapped, and wired together.


Don't just take our word for it! Go check it out yourself! Located off Auburn Way South in Auburn, WA lies Muckleshoot Casino. Full of good food, great staff, and amazing entertainment!