All of our old chicago pizza locations Include:

                                                           Brighton in CO                                                              

Garden City Beach in SC

Overland Park in KS

Rogers in AR

Highlands Ranch in CO

Hamilton Place in TN



Old Chicago Pizza is full of custom designs, that make each location unique, and personal to their home state. 

One of the most important pieces to make Old Chicago Pizza unique is signage. Each location has a little touch from their home state, including state names and state teams showing their loyalty to each location.

Along with custom signage, we also create laser edge cut signs. Were we take the client's image and bring it to life with their catchy sayings and custom shapes.


An organized work station always helps in a restaurant. That is why we worked closely with the client to make the perfect Hostess Stand, Menu Holders, and booth dividers to help keep the workplace functioning.

bar front 2.jpg


When you walk into an Old Chicago Pizza you will see that everything surrounding you has been custom handcrafted, and installed all around the country by our team!

All of the Old Chicago Pizzas that are listed are open for business! Each location is full of good food and great staff! Go enjoy some Old Chicago Pizza today!