A project that has been quite some time in the making - A custom wineroom for a private resident - has finally come to fruition. The wood shop at Blackrock Industries, we feel, has clearly outdone itself this time.

Using custom mixed wood stains, hand-laid masonry, and some deceptive stenciling and decorative finishing, we have created a retreat that is as picturesque as it is tranquil.

Once fully operational, this space will have a functioning cooling unit to keep wine crisp and flavorful. The ceiling will be capped off with a matching soffit, and the rest of us will dream about holding a quiet relaxing gathering here!


Finally, as you can see in the image on the right, much like every other project at Blackrock Industries, not a single nail was taken out of the box until our client was completely satisified with the 3D conceptual rendering. 

Every element, from stone top, to accenting tacks, to varieties and regions of wine, were hand-picked by the team at Blackrock, under collaboration with the resident. Since everything was being built from the slate-floor up, we didn't want a single detail wasted.