Salish Lodge and Spa is a beautiful resort out in Snoqualmie, WA. Offering a true Pacific Northwest Feeling, Blackrock was offered an amazing opportunity to help build some key items for the resort. 


One key item we got had the pleasure to work on was the vanities and mirrors. Located in every room of the resort, our experts took a custom design made from scratch and made it into a reality.

Pieced together with wood and metal, the vanities are finished with a 4 layer technique to give it the coloring that the client envisioned. 

As for the mirrors, our talented welders pieced together ideas and finally found the perfect round mirror! 

Deluxe_Guestroom_Interior View.jpg

Another big item found in the rooms of Salish Lodge are the mantels placed above the fire place. With a similar finish technique as the vanities, each mantel is painted differently to give each room a feel as though it's unique and different from the rest. 

Planning a big event, or maybe just looking for a get away? Go check out Salish Lodge yourself and see the beauty they have to offer!